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Maxwell watched as Ellie shredded through Katam's attack pretty easily. He knew that the attempt to lower the Espeon's speed hadn't worked too well and that Katam was now completely defenseless up in the air. Heh, guess thats what he got for battling with a pokemon he knew close to nothing about... Well this was a complete step-up from his battle with Bri, Skye was really skilled. But Maxwell had figured that out pretty fast when he saw him for the first time.

Katam watched horrofied how the Psychic energy AND a Shadow Ball came towards him in the air. Crap, if this had beed by the sea he could've avoided the attacks pretty easily... Oh well, the Tympole closed his eyes and waited for the impact when he suddenly heard Maxwell's voice,
"Katam, Bubblebeam the Espeon's feet!"
Wait, Bubblebeam? What the heck would that accomplish? Whatever, Katam opened his eyes again and fired off a steady stream of bubbles in a diagonal angle towards Ellie's feet.


Katam flew through the air at great speed and eventually crashed into a nearby tree. Urrgh, first he got slammed into a tree when fighting Slackey and now this?
"I've had better days..." the Tympole thought before he passed out. Maxwell took out Katam's pokeball and pointed it towards him,
"Katam, you did a good job for your first battle, now return." he said. The pokeball beamed the Tympole back and Maxwell put it in his pocket.

"Nice going Skye!" he said cheerfully, "Now... Which one of you is up next?" he turned to his pokemon. Quillie instantly raised his paw but Maxwell said that it wouldn't hurt him to recover some more. With a irritated look on his face, the Quilava went back into a sort of semi-sleep.
"How about you Slackey?" Maxwell patted his costume's hood since the Slakoth had crawled back in there after Quillie's outburst so that he could sleep peacefully.
"Sla, sla..."[No thanks...] he yawned and stuck out a slightly waving claw.
"Fine then," Maxwell sighed, "Wilson?" he looked over to his Swinub who immediately ran up to the battlefield on his short, stubby legs.
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