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Ellie shook her head, violet eyes flickering. Skye whistled softly and she saw the Tympole had been knocked unconscious. She padded back over to Skye, ignoring the bubbles that had headed towards her. "Mm... did I miss something?" she asked Rama, who shrugged, still eating an apple. Ellie was always disoriented after confusion. "Mm... I won?" The Espeon mumbled before being carefully returned by Skye. It was probably good to let her rest for now.

"Nuh-hot bad," Skye mumbled lightly, feeling Jolt's Pokeball trembling.

Out next was a Swinub. Hoo boy... was it worth sending out Rama? Skye hummed a moment, trying to decide. Pala squealed to get his attention. Skye looked down at her. [I]"Volca wanna,"[/I she said innocently. Skye frowned. But Volca didn't have much of an advantage except... oh right level. Well if that was the idea...

Skye sighed. He wasn't sure he wanted to throw Volca out to the wolves so to speak but it could do him to learn a bit of caution. Oh well. He tossed out a Pokeball and his Larvesta appeared in a flash of light. The larvae spat string on the ground, staring at the Swinub indifferently.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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