Thread: Development: Porting RS Tile System to Firered
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I did it simply because the tilesets I had make more sense this way. And actually, you get many more tiles out of it. You have 2 majors in both, but many more minors in each. The majors may be a bit smaller in ruby but the minors are much bigger.
i.e. if you have 64 sets...
Fr: 2 ma: 640 * 2 = 1280
62 mi: 384 * 62 =23038
total = 25088
RS: 2 maj: 512 * 2 = 1024
62 min: 512 * 62 = 31744
total = 32768
That goes for blocks and tiles. So much more space, and thats only setting the major to the same size

The other thing is now its completely customizable. You could for example use next to no space for the major sets and that gives you a lot more space in the minors. Just edit the amap.ini and the code values to what you nee.
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