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I'm Brawly! Dewford's Gym Leader!
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Favorite Episode: can't really say...they're all great!
Favorite Character: Lumpy Space Princess
Why do you love Adventure Time: The show entertained me when I was sick, and not a lot of things can entertain me when I'm sick. From then on I loved the show so much I can't help it. <33

Can't really say what my favourite season is, I haven't watched them all completely.

Gym Leader Brawly wants to battle!
Machop (Lv. 17) - Guts - (Bulk Up, Karate Chop)
Makuhita (Lv. 18) - Guts - (Vital Throw, Arm Thrust)
November 21 / Staff Collab 2014
Note: if you think any of these information are spoilers then I implore you to reconsider your life choices.
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