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So.... last night me and some friends went and stayed overnight at a friends house. We pretty much did whatever while different people took turns playing Xbox games. I spent a large, large chunk of my time playing SoulSilver (didn't even go to sleep), resulting in a massive update, probably my biggest so far. Unfortunately since I didn't have my phone on me, I couldn't take screenshots for anything in this update. I'll compress it down a bit so it doesn't fill the whole screen. Here it is:

-Started the day at the Elite 4 building, Weedle at level 76.
-Will was first. His Xatu gave me some troubles since he can OHKO me but I can't do the same since Bug is bad against Flying. Eventually I won by making him miss (Brightpowder) so I could use 2 X Special Defenses.
-Koga was pretty easy, I just needed to use 6 X Attacks and a a few X Defs.
-Bruno was really easy, a few X Defenses made him easy to beat.
-Karen was annoying at first since her Gengar kept using Destiny Bond to kill Weedle, eventually I just won by 2HKO'ing her.
-As in LG, Lance was one of the easiest fights. I think I only had to try twice.
-After beating Johto, I got the boat ticket and boarded the Aqua.
-I beat all the trainers on the ship.
-In Vermillion, I beat the gym there.
-Went up to Saffron, took out all 4 gym trainers, and got the Upgrade.
-Went north to Cerulean, beat the 7 trainers to get the nugget, and then flew back to Saffron.
-Went west to Celadon, shopped, beat the gym, and went through Cycling Road beating almost all the trainers there.
-Went to Fuschia, and beat all the gym trainers there.
-Went east, and beat the most of the large quantity of trainers between there and Lavender.
-Got the Expn card at the Kanto radio tower.
-Saved the machine part for the power plant, and returned it.
-Went and caught the wild Snorlax just for the Leftovers.
-Went through Diglett's tunnel
-Beat all the trainers on the surrounding routes.
-Beat the gym trainer in Pewter City, and got the Rainbow Wing.
-Went south from Pallet and talked to Blue on Cinnabar Island.
-Went east from there and got to Seafoam Islands, and beat Blaine.
-Flew to Cerulean, made Misty go be at the gym, beat the trainers and Misty.
-Flew to Fuschia and beat Janine after a few tries.
-Flew to Pewter and beat Brock after a few tries.
-Flew to Saffron and challenged Sabrina. This one was actually kinda hard at first, since both Espeon and Alakazam were able to outspeed and OHKO me. Eventually I realized that if I leveled up once I could outspeed and OHKO Espeon, so I just battled her repeatedly until I could use the Quick Claw on Alakazam.
-Flew to Cinnabar, then Viridian, and challenged Blue. This one was annoying, since I had to try a bunch of times, and the only reason was because he kept getting critical hits. I must've been stuck there for at least 2 hours. As it was, to beat Arcanine I had to Hyper Potion spam and let him kill himself with Flare Blitz recoil.
-After beating Blue, I went to Celadon Mansion to get the GB Sounds (which I registered)
-Then I went to Oak's Lab, where I received the Rock Climb HM, which I taught to my Geodude.
-Next I went to the Celadon Department Store, for a pre-Red shopping trip. After that I had 120 Hyper Potions, 6 of every relevant X item, 30 full heals, and 20 Full Restores.
-Flew to Victory Road, and climbed Mt.Silver.

Now, I am saved in front of Red. Weedle is level 99, and I think I can beat him with some work. When I beat him, I'll post a video of the battle as I did with the Champion in LeafGreen.

EDIT: I've just been wondering out of curiosity: what are the rules for the 7th gym leader in Gen 3? It's a double battle. Up until this point, I've avoided every double battle in LG and HG, except the ones where you team up with Lance. My plan is to bring weedle, and a pokemon with an attack that won't affect the battle (example: swords dance) and have him spam that until he dies. Is that what everyone else does, or do they do something different?
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