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Originally Posted by empoleonXD View Post
could you cmt (link in sigg) for a shiny oshawott?
hmm I didn't see anything I wanted, soo you can it for free
use my US white fc
Originally Posted by EmbC View Post
*BT timid zapdos lv.60 (nearly flawless/heat wave & HP Ice) *cured of pkrs*
UT shiny solosis lv.1 (flawless/trick)
CMT for these, please.
Are they Fully-redis?
I didn't see anything I wanted, sorry
Originally Posted by Blast23 View Post
hows it goin man the only thing i really have that you would probably want would be a shiny hydreigon and a WIN2011 celebi, but i was really wanting your shiny turtwig that knows superpower and seed bomb
I already have those...
Originally Posted by ShadowExcadrill View Post
CMT for this please

UT shiny snivy lv.1 (rash and female w/egg move magical leaf)
What are the stats of this:
Bisharp lv 100 (EV'd 252 atk, 252 spd, 6HP/ X-Sciccor, Brick Break, Iron Head, Night Slash)
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