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"So... we're good here right? Not going to get me expelled or anything? Cause that'd be kinda nice my first day back and all." Isaac said sheepishly.

He was feeling really paranoid. this man was obviously too old to be a student, so he must have been facuilty.

'Did they call him or something while I was on the phone?' Isaac considered.

The man seemed obviously focused on Dragonite, so maybe not. Maybe it was just coincidence. Isaac shifted around. normally at a moment like this he's send out Raizer and have him socialize with the other pokemon, but obivously he couldn't do that. Isaa knew he'd eventually have to talk to Raizer about wha the heck happened. Maybe it was better to do it with others around.

"Guys. Mind if I send Raizer back out? Figure might be better if he can see the big picture." I asked.
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