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Quote originally posted by P-Sign:
This looks pretty good, I'd suggest working on your outdoor maps though, it's pretty empty at the moment. I suggest reducing the size of the map.
Good luck with your project, I look forward to seeing more of your game.
Thanks! I've been working on my mapping, and i recalled the completed map from the official thread, because I'm giving it a new layout. I'm not sure i can reduce the size though, I'll work on that. Thanks for the feedback!

Quote originally posted by Atomic Reactor:
The maps you've made look very boring and plain. I would suggest adding a few more trees, flowers, paths, and other... things to break up the monotony. I would also suggest making the cave actually connect to the cliffs, otherwise it looks very out of place.

With that said, this project looks very promising, the opening scene looks very cool. And don't take my first words as an insult, just trying to help, because this looks like it could be pretty great.

Keep on going, i hope to see more
I recalled the completed map from the official post so i can give it a new layout. I'll add some 'spice' to it as well, to make it a little more interesting. Thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciated!

Quote originally posted by Rossay:
Your mapping needs work & you need to use a coherent style of tiles. Otherwise, it's a nice start; you've clearly spent a lot of time thinking over your plot/story but you should try to avoid making it over-complicated.
Like the 2 above answers, I'm working on my mapping, I'm not going to make my maps too plain anymore. The story is very long, I know, but when I get into stories, I get very wordy and long. I'll work on shortening it! Thank you for the feedback!:D


I've changed the CSS style of the official post to more ~JV~-like post. I gave credit to him of course, as I couldn't have done it without him!

The Grandcen City map has been recalled from the official post so I may change the layout and, quote, "to make the map for interesting". And, I've added a new Mapping position for my team. I'm in need of mappers at the moment. And, speaking of teams, I changed the name of my team from Team: Aura to Team SecretAura, so it would not match the protagonists in the game. I thank you all for the feedback, it is you that makes this game progress!

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