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The last you can remember was a chamber. It was aweful. It was dark and wet, you were treated as a useless test subject. Infact, you were a useless test subject. You saw others through small gaps. There was Pokemon, too.
Then they came, and they took you by force. They threw you into a metal cage. There was no gaps or windows what so ever, and it was impossible to get out. Now the gas came. You tried to held your breath, but they kept you in for too long. In the end, you had to inhale. And you felt like you were going to die. You collapse, and felt your whole body completely change in a strong transformation. Like the others, you were unique in this transformation.
Next was the needles. Hundreds and thousands of needles and injections must have been injected to you, and each one was worse then the one before. They said they were all for your own good, but it was as if they used them to kill you.
And finally, you were revealed why you where here. You was a test tube baby, and you had been raised here all your life. They had changed your DNA to infuse you with Pokemon DNA, to create super soldiers that would change life as they know it. Some of the mutants trusted the men, and joined forces. Others rebeled, and escaped, trying to show that it was not right for this to happen. Now, it's time for your decision.

Plot: In a nutshell, you're a test-tube baby which was made to become a super-soldier via morphing with Pokemon to "settle wars" in the future of Unova, and have either joined forces with the people who made you or escaped and gone against them.

1: The usual rules of a role play. No godmodding, no bunnying etc.
2: No legendary morphs unless required by the storyline, in which I will state.
3: If there are any vital rules that should be added, please alert me.

Notes DO READ:
1: Evolution DOES happen. It is painful, however, so remember that. Evolution is optional.
2: Evolution happens for the same reason, so you'll be a Lucario once something has happened that has made you extreamly happy in the day. If you're a Scyther, you'll evolve into Scizor by changing forces while wearing armour.


Age: (10-16. Note that you are trained to be super soliders, you've been trained and fighting is in your blood, so even at 10 you can put up a good fight.)
Gender: (Obvious)
Pokemon DNA/Gas infused: (Stage one or two pokemon, depending on age and pokemon.)
Appearence: (What you look like.)
Personality: (Another one I forgot.)
History: (This is a very hard one for how the storyline goes, so I'll make it optional.)
Weaponary: (Do you carry a shotgun around with you, or do you throw in frags?)
Ability: (Not all of us have obtained abilitys, but ones with an ability that makes the pokemon who they are (Like Shedinja with Wonder Guard) will get transported through.)
Moves: (Unlimited, just name the most important ones/ ones which cannot be forgot (eg, Sawsbuck with Horn Leech.))
Rebel?: (Simple, are you with your creators or against?)
Other: (Optional)

Name: Unamed due to the fact that they thought he wouldn't be strong enough for the transformation. Has many nicknames, but most call him Beyblade.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pokemon DNA/Gas infused: Ferrothorn. The company that produced him demanded that they didn't use a useless pokemon because he was going to die, so they put in Ferroseed. However, he was unable to do almost anything at that stage, so they forced him to evolve into Ferrothorn.
Appearence: Remove bottom half and pokeballs. Isert Ferrothorn body without eyes where the waist was. Legs are the whip thingys.
Personality: Serious and somewhat a little "don't give a damn" in some moments, others he's a little more cheerful.
History: X
Weaponary: Likes to carry guns which have good ammo and shoot quick. He carrys an assult rifle whenever possible and shoots from high places.
Ability: Due to the fact that he was forced to evolve he lost his ability, but the spikes still hurt, but not as much.
Moves: Gyro Ball, Power Whip, Spikes, Steath Rock.
Rebel?: Yes
Other: Fighting him in a cave is like going to Chuck Norris and saying he sucks.
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