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Ladies, gentlemen and assorted creatures of the Internet, the Cutlerine is both talking about himself in the third person and pleased to announce his long-overdue new foray into the world of ROM hacking! For your delectation, for your edification, for your entertainification, he presents to you...



If you've played my previous hack, Snakewood, you'll know that I take serious issue with the usual Pokémon game storyline of getting eight Badges, defeating a Team and beating the Elite Four. I also take issue with the usual emphasis on graphical appeal in hacks: pretty pictures do not hold the attention for more than five minutes, while a solid storyline will hold it for hours. Snakewood was my first attempt to prove that story, originality and craziness are the most important things in life. This hack, Keratin, is my second.


Kahuto: a modern region for modern people, and one full of hope for a young illegal immigrant such as yourself. Fleeing Johto for better things, you and your friend arrive at the grand port of Puerto Viajero and immediately seek employment. Your friend knows a guy who can get you an audience with Professor Ork (who is definitely not Professor Oak in hiding) - but he's not the only one who could use a strong young person to do dangerous stuff for little or no money. There's Team Rocket, who've just turned up in Kahuto to recover from shattering defeat in Johto. Or Bad Sofa, a suspicious indie rock band who have more than a passing interest in Kahuto's black market confectionery trade. Or the Voltmeisters, who seem to want a little more than just nationwide peace. Or even the mysterious and sinister ICG, who everyone has heard of and no one knows anything about. And let's not forget the Meat Mafia, who control the valuable meat trade. With so many paths open to you, it's not hard for an enterprising young criminal to make a living. There are only three questions: who will you side with? Who are the VHP? And is Mr. Praxis really made out of solid gold?

  • Five different storylines and multiple possible endings, depending on which faction you join up with
  • A huge array of mini-quests and side stories
  • An ever-increasing number of new Pokémon
  • Four brand-new types: Light, Sound, Nuclear and Beauty
  • A few type changes here and there, partly due to the new types and partly due to caprice
  • Pokémon from all five official game regions
  • An unusual Gym system
  • A vast new region, Kahuto, with semi-realistic-sized cities and towns
  • The return of certain Snakewood characters
  • Decapitalisation of Pokémon/item/move/place names
  • An increased difficulty level, and the option to ramp it up even higher
  • And, of course, a shot of insanity laced with referential madness.


Now, what we've all been waiting for: the screenies.



Refreshingly, none!

Completion Status

About 7% done, which means one city, one route, one suburb and one CBD, in addition to about 30 new Pokémon so far. Kahuto is a big place.


Since this hack is, as ever, wholly created by me, I have no one to thank except all those who created a tool or a tutorial that I used; there are probably so many of them I can't count, and every one of them has made this hack significantly easier. I thank you all here. Cordially.


None as yet. But hey! Who knows what tomorrow might bring?

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