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Quillie's ears perked up, was someone talking about him again? He looked over to Skye's side of the battlefield to see him playing with some sort of bear cub.
[Heh, Slackey is going to be all over that baby if he sees it.] he said to himself with a grin, then as he saw Rama, the grin disappeared. Stupid fox thing, Quillie would show him how good he could be! He'd beat him into the ground and rub it in his face!

Wilson felt a psychic energy envelop him, he was lifted into the air as Volca spoke quietly. A grin appeared on the Swinub's face,
[Well, Maxwell has always been a mainiac when it comes to Bug-types. And as soon as he saw a picture of your kind in a book... Well simply he went around searching every nook an cranny for information about Larvestas and Volcaronas, so he knows a lot about you and your evolved form. I'd say that he is well prepared!] he said. Then, Wilson felt the psychic energy pull him downwards towards the ground. Maxwell smiled,
"Earthquake!" he said. Wilson would normally not be able to generate an Earthquake due to his relatively small size, but if he was dropped or slammed into the ground from a height... Then that was another story.

Wilson was slammed into the ground by the attack, it hurt quite a bit actually. But as he reached the ground, the Swinub sent out a shockwave that made the earth shake wildly, small cracks opend up here and there and rocks seemed to dig up themselves. A small Sandshrew came up from the ground, he looked around with a terrified expression on his face and then fled from the battlefield.
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