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Rama raised an eyebrow at the Quilava. Yeesh, sensitive bloke there. He almost felt bad... except of course that he didn't. All was fair in love and war. This kid only knew the physical part of a fight. The emotional, Rama's specialty, was almost as vital, if not moreso. After all, if you believed you couldn't do something, all the effort exerted would be made moot wouldn't it? Snorting softly, he curled back up again, watching Skye continue to play. The two stopped at the sight of the Sandshrew.

"Hey wait mister! It's okay!" Pala called, only to be ignored. She pouted before going back to her game.

Volca flew up into the air from the shock wave of the earthquake but then directed his lower two hons to fly him upward. "You will have to do better than that." He directed his top horn to fire a burning Flamethrower at Wilson, intent on roasting the creature. Or at least singing his fur. Flame Body would be used later he was sure.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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