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Seeing as we don't want to sap all the activity into this thread again, here's some revisions to the rules. While you SHOULD be reading these, the tl;dr is that it's generally the same, but we're shifting discussion away from currently airing anime.
  1. This is a general discussion thread for anime, manga, tokusatsu, and J-drama.
  2. All J-E Rules still apply.
  3. Keep discussion about certain series in their respective threads if they have one. Members are encouraged to make threads for specific series, even if not currently airing.
  4. Spoilers should be put in [spoiler] tags. Spoilers are considered fresh until 2 weeks after release of episode/chapter.
    Huge plot twists count as spoilers. Plot twists in a series that does plot twists every episode/chapter do not [see Code Geass R2]
  5. Keep it clean please. Flame wars aren't fun for the soul. If a debate starts, please make a thread focusing around the debate, and argue there.
  6. I'm reserving the right for me to delete posts of a topic that starts getting too out of hand (Flame Wars, trolls, etc.)
  7. Remember to be bright and happy and very にぱ~ at all times. Also, we ask that you keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.
  8. Lots of sweets make digi very melon. digi likes sweets. Remember to give digi a cookie or other such sweet-like object?
  9. I may change the title of the thread every once in a while on a whim. Try not to mind it too much XD

Note: This is now back open to seasonal discussion.