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Originally Posted by Ratty524 View Post
The Low-res facesets are killing me. It's particularly bad with Officer Jenny, as the pixels are so screwed up that her face looks almost unrecognizable.
At the moment, the face graphics are not high importance, I will be wanting a new release when all tilesets and character sets are better and also when the events are bug free and battles are working and areas are error free... these are my goals for the time being! If anybody is willing to save me some time and help with the face graphics, be my guest... Many thanks and credits to that person...

I'm just learning how to create sprite sheets, as you can see, I've created Jenny, Jessie, James and the Heroine, from those pictures!

Originally Posted by Ratty524 View Post
Are you basing this off the anime, a little?
What makes you ask this?