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Originally Posted by Ratty524 View Post
For the face graphics, maybe you can find someone who is good at replicating the Mystery dungeon faceset style, since it appears the cleanest out of all your other facesets, plus it would be neat to see human characters in that style. The major problem you have with the face sets is that they are inconsistent.

Yeah I know this , but I myself am learning to sprite, faces and hands are my worse things, hair is a problem too! But I am learning.

Originally Posted by Ratty524 View Post
The fact that you are including Jessie + James and Officer Jenny, both of which originated in the anime? Then again, they were in Pokemon Yellow, which was mainly based off the anime a little.
Oh I get the question now... In that sense, yes, it is somewhat based off the anime, I like those characters (I like how the anime has Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in every city/town), so I will include them in my game, I'm sure when you come across your fave characters in a game, they make you smile (like when you came across Jessie and James within Pokémon Yellow.) I have alot more anime characters who make an appearence too, some only a little skit, others more story based...

Gary in my game, is not the evil little... boy (haha)... that he was in original games but keeps his personallity from the anime... Yet, he makes a lot of appearences... But, is not considered your true rival!