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I see someone got the Damage Swap Reuniclus. The ability Emboar is the best of the Emboar cards at the moment.

And here are all my boosters from the past month...

Currently legal sets:
Black & White
Noble Victories
Emerging Powers
HS Undaunted
HS Unleashed
HS Triumphant
Call of Legends
The Furious Knights theme deck from the Noble Victories set

Good pulls/rares from the above sets
BW - Sawk, reverse foil Energy Switch
Emerging Powers - Virizion, reverse foil Roggenrola, Pokemon Catcher, Simipour, Pokemon Catcher, reverse foil Roggenrola, reverse foil Simipour, Tornadus
Noble Victories - reverse foil Vanillish, Druddigon, Rocky Helmet, reverse foil Golurk, Super Rod, N, Lilligant, reverse foil Shelmet, Reuniclus
HGSS - Engineer's Adjustments, Politoed, reverse foil Energy Returner

Non-tournament legal sets:
Supreme Victors

Good pulls/rares from these sets
Supreme Victors - Relicanth (SH8), Solrock
Arceus - Aerodactyl, Arceus (AR2 - the grass one)

And then the theme deck had some interesting cards as well, primarily another N and then two Eelectrik.

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