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Bought and started Pokémon Platinum today! :D

-Admired Dawn's Winter outfit for five whole minutes and walked about in the snow outside
-Visited the hyperactive Noah's house
-Started with a Chimchar
-Visited the lake, and saw a suspicous character lurking beside the lake. Heard the cry of a distant legendary Pokémon...
-Arrived at Sandgem town. Had *lots* of fun doing the beginning of game tutorials.
-Arrived at Jubilife without too much trouble. Obtained the Pokétch.
-Caught a Budew, levelled it up to level 10
-Arrived at Oreburgh city, visited the mine, flattened Roark with my Budew.
-Returned to Jubilife and fought off some thugs bothering Prof. Rowan and Lucas!
-Got through Ravaged pass. Arrived at Floroama town. Saved the Valley Windworks! :D
-Arrived at the entrance to Eterna Forest. Will carry on later tonight.


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In progress
Water Monotype Challenge: Pokémon Diamond

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