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Quote originally posted by ZodiacDaGreat:
There will be some unique features.

Anyway, I need everyone's opinion, I know the events are not finished yet but what do you think of using the property grid to edit events? I have a screenshot here.
Yeah the property grid would be great for this, especially when it comes to the tons of settable data for the person events.

Quote originally posted by agentgeo:

Looks good to me. One question, though. Will you be loading the OW sprites for the events?
I'll gladly share my OW loading code for this project, I have them already being loaded using c#,
so it should be as simple as adding the routine to the draw function.

Man it's fun watching a program grow!

P.S. ZodiacDaGreat I have an idea for implementing this with NSE:
you could pass the image offset and the multiple palette offsets of a tileset into NSE, allowing for tile-set editing where you could toggle in between palettes as you edit!

Let me know what you think, or what you think we should do, so I can get coding