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Originally Posted by ZodiacDaGreat View Post
There will be some unique features.

Anyway, I need everyone's opinion, I know the events are not finished yet but what do you think of using the property grid to edit events? I have a screenshot here.
Yeah the property grid would be great for this, especially when it comes to the tons of settable data for the person events.

Originally Posted by agentgeo View Post

Looks good to me. One question, though. Will you be loading the OW sprites for the events?
I'll gladly share my OW loading code for this project, I have them already being loaded using c#,
so it should be as simple as adding the routine to the draw function.

Man it's fun watching a program grow!

P.S. ZodiacDaGreat I have an idea for implementing this with NSE:
you could pass the image offset and the multiple palette offsets of a tileset into NSE, allowing for tile-set editing where you could toggle in between palettes as you edit!

Let me know what you think, or what you think we should do, so I can get coding