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Okay . . . systems that I currently own include:
PSOne [Grey . . . do they come in any other color? xD]
PS2 [Black]
PSP 3000 [Silver]
Xbox 360 [Black]
GBA SP [Silver]
Nintendo DS Lite [2007 Limited Edition Dialga & Palkia]
Nintendo Wii [White]
And a laptop, although I don't usually play games on it, other than the occasional Minecraft misadventure.

Other than that, I used to have a red/black DS Lite, but it broke. I had a blue GBA SP, but I ripped it in half (hey, I was 8/9 and raging at Roxanne. I'm surprised it even lasted that long xD), my brother and I have gone through a few PS2s for various reasons, and my dad used to have an SNES (I /think/. I believe it was.) that I used to play a lot.