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Win7 64bit, extracted your download.
Ran Game.exe
msgbox immediately popped up: RGSS104E.dll not found.
Ran editor.exe,
runs fine.

google'd the DLL, grabbed RGSS104E.dll
moved to directory game extracted to, runs.

Below is a run down of my experience.

11:44am One or more fonts used in this game do not exist on the system.
etc etc, the fonts were successfully installed.
11:44 restarted game.

I'll be using this post to talk about any gripes (minor or large), just so you can experience how the game feels to someone totally new and critical. Please note I am being constructive.

x is to cycle through dialog (or at least accepts), when it goes to an option menu asking your gender, x dosen't work anymore. Minor note.

music loop in background at start has a pretty large gap before re-looping.

So you're <NAME?> Yes/No, this responds to X, where above didn't. continuation of above. However, now I have to re-enter my name.

C enters in people's names, so trying that.
Using C on dialog and messages works.

goes from class registration to waking up, a bit of a funky transition. The amount of dialog describing pokemon seems good for an intro to the game/talking to prof, I nkow on original it described pokemon prior to game start, but maybe tweak it so that there's a little less information innodated at very start? That was a lot of 'C's'. :3

Dazzling mother, hah. I left you money in one of your shelves. Amusing. I wanna go back to sleep ><.

hrrm, so now i'm on a boat. Guess it was described at start. Layout of room was hard to tell.
--neighbor room--
Bloody seasick may not be good in the neighbor room, if your audience is kid. EU may not enjoy that. The neighbors have a book shelf of pokemon related details, on the left side.. while other two on right are boring books. Hrm.

--next neighbor from left to right --
"Various positions to please your partner", haha.. naughty.

--next room--
Sadly at this point I realize you did the exact same layout for each room.. which considering it's a boat, understandable. But then I question the book shelves on a boat.. Haha.

--SSExpress area outside of rooms--
Sailor on right side talks about what the technology is developed from, he notes "Lantis Corporsations", I don't think that's plural.

Sailor in center area notes we'll be docking at Alpha City soon. Interestingly, everyone else notes the place we're landing at Lantis Island.

--Next right area of S.S. Express--

-bottom left room--
"Of ratatta and men", amusing.
--next room--
"Alpha city is one of the major cities in Lantis and all" was spoken to next room, guess that explains alpha city above.. must be the specific city on Lantis Island we're going.

--receptionist room--
Has a laptop on table and computer in background. Just a minor note.
Saved game, will play more later.

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