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Rules of the Pokémon Essentials section
The community rules and Game Development section rules also apply here.
  • This section is only for Pokémon Essentials, the RPG Maker XP kit for Pokémon games. For more general game-making discussion, go to the Game Development section.
  • The Bug & Error Reporting thread is only for problems which occur in an unedited copy of the latest version of Essentials.
  • The stickied [Release] thread is only for discussion about that particular release.
  • If you have a question, comment or problem, first look to see if there is an existing appropriate thread to post in. If there isn't, or if the existing thread has been inactive for more than two months, make a new thread for it.
  • When making a thread, ensure that you give it a descriptive name. A thread's name should describe what that thread is about, and use an appropriate prefix. For example, calling a thread "Question" is bad, but calling it "[Question] How do I change the screen size?" is good.
  • Resources can be found in the Tutorials & Resources section. Do not ask for/post them in this section.

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