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Quote originally posted by Roswell:


*snort* Seriously, though, I do indeed...about 13, or something like that. First alt. was Fia (now Lucent) and most recent one (if by recent you mean made roughly a year ago) is Sewaddle.


Nakuzami, out of all the RPs you've been in on here, which would you say was the more unique?
Oh, so you were Sewaddle? That would explain why Sewaddle disappeared, lol.

Unique? That's a term that is more in the eye of the beholder, but for this I guess I shall interpret unique as most original/outstanding. Well, I've been in sooooo many, it's kinda scary, but the one that I seem to look back on the most is Focus Shift, so I guess it's safe to say that it was one of the best ones, and therefore unique? Something like that.

Sewaddle/Roswell/Whatever, why did you feel the need to make so many alternate accounts?

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SomariFeyWright, why must you ninja me so?