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Originally Posted by sanshroo View Post
Except you do offer services to check if a pokemon is hacked or not .__.

Don't you think there's people that hack a pokemon using pokesav, then just make it look legit enough to check?

Also, Cloning=hacking. It requires the use of an action replay. Action replays are cheating devices.
So you don't like cloning, that's your prerogative. You think it's a hack... sure, whatever. I don't care. Don't trade for clones, then. We don't use PokeSav or PokeGen or anything like that to get our mons. We use legit ways in the game to get Flawless/Shiny Pokemon. We clone them so we don't lose our hard work. We offer hack checking services because some people DO hack and do it BADLY enough where it shows up. So yeah, learn about RNG before you judge please.