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I've read a few pokémon mangas, but the only one I remember characters from is Pokéspe ^^

And I can't really pick a fav there. I used to be a total Gold fangirl, and I often say my fav is Crys just because so many seem to pick her as their least fav. But I've also realized I really like Ruby, despite the fact that he's overpowered in the sense that he's both a stylish coordinator and a good battler - while Saph only got to be a half-strong battler. Kind of. And I love Pearl and think that he and Platina would make a cute couple 8D

I think I'm babbling. So who's my favorite? Lance and Bill are also high on the list... I really can't decide. Let's say Pearl and Crys, one guy and one girl :3

I do like Black too, but not White so much... *babbles on*