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There's a manga chitchat thread? *eyes twinkle* This reminds me of the old pokespe fanclub.

I never keep track of the dex holders' birthdays. I have enough trouble keeping up with my friends' birthdays xD

I would love to see the Sinnoh dex holders meet up with the others. If they aren't too young though... 17 year olds hanging out with 11 year old is maybe not so fun :F What timeline is the Sinnoh adventures in anyways? On TV they show the happenings at Lake of Rage, so it should be the same time as the G/S/C chapters, no? Meaning Dia, Pearl and Platina are the same ages as Crys, Silver and Gold :3 Hm, it would be hilarious if they met.

I can see Gold flirting with Platina but ending up friends with the happy go lucky Dia, Pearl and Crys finding common grounds (in seriousness and eagerness) and Silver and Platina becoming *friends* Hrm, no, what? Pairings? What is this pairings that you speak of.