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Quote originally posted by Harlequin:
The less said about Lazenby, the better. Seriously. Wipe him off the face of the Bond franchise and leave him to die in some rat-infested alleyway in London. Okay, that's a bit harsh. But what he did to the Bond series in my opinion is what Winona Ryder did to the Alien series. Well, to be fair, Alien: Resurrection, that abomination, wasn't entirely Winona Ryder's fault. But, as I simply love to hate her., I choose to put the blame mostly on her and her horrific acting.

Anyway, the hottest Bond actor. Sean Connery-in-his-prime gets my vote. I'd talked about this before, but that voice could, if I had one, break my hymen if I got too close to him. Plus, he was just soooooo hooooooot back then.
Large multiquote for the loss. Anyway, I respectfully disagree... I thought Lazenby shined as James Bond and OHMSS is one of my favorite James Bond films. Connery's films were also quite good as well. Anyone but Moore, please...