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Quote originally posted by brica8:
Would you be willing to trade me an english celebi for my japanese one?
Which japanese event is it?
Quote originally posted by Adley:
shiny kadabra lv.42 and lv.46 x4 all UT

^Is this available for daily giveaway?

Also: *UT shiny eevee lv.1

What are you seeking for one of these?

Yup, you want all 4 kadabra? that eevee is free too
Quote originally posted by ~Selene~:
Hi Ginji :3

Could you CMT for
*UT shiny mewtwo lv.70
*UT shiny rayquaza lv.50

hmmm I didn't see anything I wanted (unless that touhoku snivy has a different date), so they are free use my US white fc

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