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Originally Posted by brica8 View Post
Would you be willing to trade me an english celebi for my japanese one?
Which japanese event is it?
Originally Posted by Adley View Post
shiny kadabra lv.42 and lv.46 x4 all UT

^Is this available for daily giveaway?

Also: *UT shiny eevee lv.1

What are you seeking for one of these?
Yup, you want all 4 kadabra? that eevee is free too
Originally Posted by ~Selene~ View Post
Hi Ginji :3

Could you CMT for
*UT shiny mewtwo lv.70
*UT shiny rayquaza lv.50
hmmm I didn't see anything I wanted (unless that touhoku snivy has a different date), so they are free use my US white fc
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