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Quote originally posted by Forever:

Okay so, ranks/points, I haven't looked at the others' so I'm doing this off the top of my head, also our CSS sucks in comparison to the rest so I need to improve that.

Either way, so points = rank up. You can earn points by participating in our ~upcoming clan events~, or by simply battling each other! One battle = one point. Both of you need to post to confirm that - it doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you ~improve~.

So as for rank ideas... idk we could have like four ranks - Roosters <-- aka when you roost you're grounded and a grounded bird can't fly (for inactive people!), Brave Birds <-- 10 points or above - just a title, 20 points or above = Air Slashers - can do stuff OKAY I HAVEN'T YET WORKED THAT OUT and 50 points = Sky Attackers which basically co-own the clan. y/y? Thoughts, etc! Unlike the others we decide things as a community, aka are the best.
I want to try and help!

Something like Feather Rank is what I feel should be first, I dunno, I don't really like naming ranks after moves :x

I'll contribute more after, just hold on...

maybe a layout like this:

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