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Replicus "Speculum" Decendas
Gold Tribe

Replicus didn't remember much of the ruins of Liberty Town. The high amount of exertion that he had caused to his body after that teleportation made him lose consciousness for a brief while. When the group had reached the destroyed Liberty Town, he had managed to open his eyes for a little while and see the blurry outlines of the ruins, but only for a few brief moments. He passed out right after that, though.

When he woke up, his wounds were being tended to by the golden Bisharp, who was known as Vigil, which was his title. After Vigil was done with Replicus's wounds, he moved to the other injured, as Replicus made an effort to get back on his feet. He groaned as he got up, his body still ached in the places where the Shadow Balls had hit him. He took a moment to take a look at the damage, and saw that his whole upper body was covered in bandages. He huffed, and heard Vigil cry, "Brothers, now, we set out!" as he walked out into the field. He traveled in his Grovyle form, and with his bandages it wasn't going to be easy to transform.

Replicus dragged himself along with the group through the field. The only Pokemon they encountered were Buneary and Lopunny, and one of them asked Vigil to be a part of their group, but was denied. Hearing the request made Replicus laugh out loud, and he was promptly kicked on the chest by the angered Pokemon. Before the Ditto could react the Pokemon was gone.

Soon, they reached the rainforest. Being a Grovyle right now, he pretty much liked the wet state of the forest. It was cool, just how he liked. They were all leisurely cruising through the forest, when suddenly some Scrafty jumped outta the trees, and ambushed the group. He managed to land a few blows to some Gold Tribe members, but he mainly targeted Vigil, the leader of the group. They both were locked in a fight, and all that Replicus did was stand back, whistling. He was pretty sure Zane could handle the Pokemon. He only got alert when Vigil was knocked back into a tree, but that's when the two started to talk.

Replicus absorbed every word of the conversation. So, the Scrafty was actually a former member of the Gold Tribe, living out here in the forest? Also, how the hell did he fail to see their emblems? This guy was as dim as a 100 year old Slowpoke, in his opinion. Zane allowed the Pokemon to join their group, and they set off on their path once again.

After the rain had subsided, they continued. Replicus could feel the heat rising, and he was sweating like hell as they moved on. The rain made it even worse, and Replicus had never hated rain as much as he did right now. Eventually, it started becoming cool again, and the number of trees reduced incredibly. Soon, they were out of the rainforest, and in front of them lay the huge wasteland, also known as the Wastes of Will. Replicus remembered the place pretty well, because of the torturous test he had to go through in the H.A.S.

The first time he had taken his test he had been with his brother. As he was still young, he had been in no way mentally prepared to take on the strain of surviving in such a harsh environment. His brother had tried his best to take care of him during the test, but Replicus and another young member had ended up fainting, failing the test in one day. His brother survived though, and he had graduated, becoming a member of the Gold Tribe. The second time it had been easier for him, as Replicus had known what he had to expect. He managed to survive, and became a member of the Gold Tribe himself. All these memories made him miss his brother more than ever.

"Sigh... Xavier... where are you, brother?" He thought. He immediately shook his head, forgetting about his brother. For now, all his companions were his brothers. He had to trust them now. He took out the note that General Belas had written for the members, reading it.

Gold Tribe, by the time you read this, the Silver Tribe will have already taken Liberty Town. I'm alright. Quite a bit of us managed to escape. Myself and the others who did escape decided on something. If you manage to free General Hazone and the other Gold Tribe members, and if you manage to return here, then it is time. I have sent scouts to all corners of the Alpha Alliance with a simple message: it is time. We have idly watched as our nation succumbed to the tyrannical rule of the Silver Tribe, but no more. With you Gold Tribe at our helm, we of the Alpha Alliance will gather up all of our soldiers in hiding, and regroup. This news will spread like wildfire. With more Gold Tribe members with you now, hope returns. Meet us in one weeks time at the ruins of Poseida Village. From there, we shall gather our full strength, and make our first counter attack. See you on the fields of battle.

General Belas

They were going to attack the Silver Tribe head on, and take their land back, once and for all. Replicus felt a bit gloomy, he didn't know how to react to this. They were going to start a full on war. He felt like lightening the mood, so he walked over to the Snorlax known as Sword and Shield. He spoke, "Man, I really wish I could sleep. I guess that comes really easily to your kind, doesn't it, fatty?" He punched Sword and Shield playfully on his stomach.