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Quote originally posted by Chaval:
Xulek, its Paul Gilbert ^^

Binarypeaches, what is your fav anime?
Tales of Symphonia. That's a bit of a toughie, as most of my favorite series I like another version of them more than the anime version (Tales of Symphonia I obviously love the game more, Shaman King the manga more, etc etc). If I had to choose though, it would have to be Detective Conan. It's really the only one that holds up to the accuracy between the anime and the manga out of my favorites. That and the anime only cases aren't really all that bad either, so if I wanted to watch Detective Conan, I don't have to watch an episode I already read, or I could if I really liked the case and want to see it animated.

Also, the Movies. ♥


Rossu, what was your first Pokemon Anime Episode. If you don't remember your first one, then which one is the first one you remember watching.
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