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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
With so many problems that you know of why release a demo at all? I am a supporter of this game but if you were gonna release a demo it should have been more polished off..

Also wild flowers don't grow in patches like that. try maybe skipping a spot here or there.. other than that i like the route
I know, but based on what I've studied from actual GSC maps (even though it's not exact), flowers are typically placed in 2-tile patches within an area of 2x2 blank grass tiles, so I am trying to emulate that.

I can't really say you are wrong about the demo release, though. Looking back there are a lot of things that could have been polished. I had a personal deadline of releasing a demo before the next semester of my school starts, so I apoligize if some aspects appear rushed. Some of the errors that Xackry pointed out are odd, though (like the player's room having a white ceiling tile instead of black), because when I repeatedly test this, such errors don't happen. As of now, I'm going to get help with compressing the game data of Essentials projects, because the first time I compiled the game data for this project, the product had a ton of strange errors.

I'm going to release v1.1 of the demo before tonight is over, because on other forums, some people received download errors and a lot of the issues with the current demos are a bit embarrassing.

Originally Posted by Ho-oh 112 View Post
Wow, this is really interesting, what I'm wondering is, are you using Essentials?
As mentioned in the first post, yes, I'm using Essentials.
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