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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Pfft you all suck. And yeah Vendak, the Irish like, tried to bomb her at a hotel lol
With good reason... the IRA didn't reach it's height in the 80s for no reason. Maybe they should have included the Scots in this film too.

It's like someone making a film about Stalin, and solely focusing on how his economic plans helped bring Russia to the superpower it was; whilst simultaneously ignoring the fact how much of the population suffered under his regime.
ofc Stalin is way more extreme, but damn. Yeah Thatcher got things done, and that was simply because she didn't care about how many people she hurt in the process.

Personally I'd much rather see a film revolving around the people that suffered during the Thatcher years.

I quite liked the title of this artcile, Margaret Thatcher movie The Iron Lady is best approached as fiction.