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Quote originally posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow:
I can tell you that Valorie, Mark, and ShinyDiamond's student are outside on the school grounds right now. They're with no one important N, a teacher. Several of their pokemon are out, including Valorie's 12''1' Dragonite. (See: huge)

Also, Olivia and Kenshin, students, are on their way out of the academy building to have a pokemon battle.

Takumi and Valorie were talking about purging Lugia dorm of it's ghosts yes, and while that hasn't come up again, takumi's RPer is still quite active and no change in plans has been made.

Lastly? It's Halloween, and everyone has gotten out of their classes.
So it's just getting rid of the ghost in the dorm then. Takumi's RPer still plans to do so? So I didn't miss much with that then.

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