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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Well, since we're allowed to start topics, I guess that's what I'll do.

All type-specific Pokémon fanclubs have this kind of topic, I guess, so I'll just start it off with:

What is your favourite Grass type Pokémon, and why is it your favourite?

This is actually a rather hard choice for me, since I have quite a few Grass type Pokémon that I like, however, it's mostly tied between Treecko and Bulbasaur. Now, one of the things I like about Treecko is its design and just how badass they made it look, and later on it actually becomes a rather strong Pokémon. However, I did not own a Gen III game for very long, so I didn't really get to experience very much with it, which brings me to Bulbasaur.

I naturally like Bulbasaur's design, since I'm a lover of the first 151 and just automatically like all of them, but in relation to the topic, I like Bulbasaur mostly because of nostalgia. I had many great battles with the Bulbasaur's I chose, and my experiences in the old games with them are irreplaceable with any new Pokémon.

So my choice is tied between Treecko's design and general awesomeness, and my experiences with Bulbasaur.

Btw Curious, you forgot to add me to the member list.

Oh sorry Olli, I'll get ya up there! :3

Yeah, with the range of grass type Pokemon out there, it is a little hard trying to chop it down to just a few Pokemon but I suppose if I had to the Pokemon that I like the most are probably Abomasnow, basically because I love its typing and it bulkiness along with the fact that it can learn grass whistle which totally anhilitaed me when I battled Candice. (Which I can use against others lol.) Another one fo my choices would be Liligant and Whimscott as they have beautiful designs, soft colours that are really aesthetically pleasing.
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