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Originally Posted by fallkitten View Post
I'll be waiting for the new neo Silver*__* sooo awersome*___* I like finding pokemon in the special shaking grass^___^ Got my little cutie axew this way*__* I tottaly like this game! I want to find moreeeee pokemon! It is fun! Cannot wait when I'll get surf. Water spots are waiting for me! =3
Once again...Thanks for playing meh hack, Fallkitten. I'm really grateful, believe me.

Anyways, Yin Black/Yang White needs an update, like, crazy. LOL
...But that might take awhile...since I do all my editing through hex. Anyways, yeah...If I recall you can catch an Axew before you fight Lenora. It lives in, of course, shaking grass.

So, I just wanted to drop by and say the wait for Version 3 of Neo Soulsilver is now over. I've released the patch. You can find on my main page.

Anyways, just to clarify...I'm gonna write a short log on what's new.


Version contains...that which is listed below.

~Freeze Fixes: This includes- Goldenrod City Radio Tower, Violet City, when the man gives you a Miracale Seed and when meeting Baoba; the Safari Zone guy, for the first time.

~New Items can be found all throughout Johto/Kanto Regions. This also means some people might give you different items than what they usually give you.

~All Event Pokemon are now on new levels when encountering. Example: Sudowoodo will be on Level 25 now.

~Some Gym Leaders also gives out new TM when beating them. Of course, I had to change the dialogue, so it'll match up the TM they give them. If you find any dialogue that doesn't make with the item the NPC gives...please tell me, cuz I fix this.

~Even more new dialogue: Yep. I added a few more dialogue; hopefully you'll find it funny. I also repointed summa da messed up dialogue I did in my previous version

~I did a complete overhaul on the Pokemon stats and moveset: I pretty much completely revamped almost every Pokemon def and off stats and moveset, so it'll be a bit more balance...(All starters now have two abilities.

~Harder Trainers/Gym Leader: Every trainer...even the weakest of trainer, should at least be able put up some sorta fight. I jack up their AI...And this time, I actually did it. LOL

~Also included with the patch is the Rudolph's AP patch, so you can patch it your game, before patching, well...patch.
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