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Okay guys I have an unrelated suggestion to everything.

Make a help thread for in-game team help.

Although that sounds kinda crazy, Q&A thread doesn't really cover "everything" for example, while a quick post-and-go "help decide my last team member" without movesets etc, and just based on overall coverage doesn't really need a thread within in-game, resulting in people having to ask for movesets to be mentioned too. I dunno, it just doesn't really seem to fit within Q&A, imo.

Also "which is the best in-game out of..." doesn't really fit anywhere, if people need help deciding between one or two and don't feel like putting up their entire team. Or just a simple moveset for an in-game team based on what can be done w/o breeding, etc.

There's also the fact that some newer members might be scared to post in the Q&A thread due to thinking it's purely competitive based when all they want is in-game team help. EV training questions etc are still competitive to an extent so they fit into Q&A.

As for sections, generally for certain sections the help stickies are for in-game help, and not in-game team help, which is what in-game team help caters for, but at the more advanced stage of team building (as in actually having a team and needing fixing) rather than the basic team-deciding level.

Either way, thoughts!

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