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Poseida Ruins

"Look, something overthere!" he heard Lucian say. Zane looked at the direction Lucian was pointing. It was a house, or it used to be. It was ruined and torn now. But it was a sign. It mean Poseida was close. This house must have been on the outskirts of the village. Zane ran up a close by summit, where he hoped to see the city below. He couldn't help but smile a little as he went up. He really didn't know what to expect. Last he heard, Poseida Village was destroyed in the beginning of the war. He had never actually been able to get a look at it once it started, but he had visited it many times before the Silver Tribe attacked.

Poseida Village was in view now, or what was left of it. It once consisted mostly of small house spread out over an area. In the center, a large tower that overlooked the countryside. Beside the town once stood the statue of an Empoleon the town defender and Gold Tribe member from the past by the title of Tidechanger. Many years ago, he gave his life to defend Valkaria. Now they say that his spirit still protects Poseida. But that was once upon a time, long ago. Now, houses were either destroyed or empty. The tower was broken in a few points. The river that ran through the city was almost dry. The statue still stood there, but was damaged in many areas. Not a single Pokemon was in sight. It wasn't a welcoming view, mainly because Zane expected an army here. Zane turned to the others and sighed, not giving up just yet.

"Come on. Let's get a better look from inside the village."

The group headed to the front entrance of the city. Zane looked around as he tried looking for something, anything as to the whereabouts of really, anyone. Hazone spoke.

"It doesn't seem like anyone is here. Perhaps Belas was captured." He said. Other Alpha Alliance soldiers chimed in.

"Maybe Belas never wrote the letter. Maybe it was a Silver Tribe member."

"Which means we just walked into a trap!" Another said.

"Calm down." Zane said. "We're still not certain of anything ye-" Zane was interrupted by a figure approaching them from the rubble. Zane put up his guard as the Pokemon approached.

"Gold Tribe!" The Pokemon exclaimed as the Pokemon stepped out of the shadows. It was a Raticate. In fact, it was the same Raticate scout in Liberty Town.

"You've arrived! General Belas has been expecting you."

Zane smiled, giving the scout a curt nod of respect. "Where is everyone?" He asked

"I'll show you. You can't expect us to be out in the open do you? There's talk of Silver Tribe about...but that's for later. Come on! I'll show you the way!"

The group followed the Raticate as he frantically and excitedly showed them through the ruins of Poseida. Still, Zane saw no one. Suddenly, the Raticate stopped. Zane found himself right in front of the tower of Poseida. The Raticate walked in. Confused, Zane followed him inside, followed by Hazone, and then the others. Zane didn't understand. You couldn't keep an army in the tower. There would simply not be enough room.

Just then, the Raticate pushed a lever on the wall with his paw, and the base of the tower started going down. The light of the opening of the tower slowly faded as they went deeper into the group. Eventually, the base stopped. A large tunnel lay before them.

"Amazing." Hazone said under his breath. What is all this?"

"When Poseida was destroyed, the citizens who remained built these tunnels to escape the Ancient and the Silver Tribe. When Belas arrived, we increased it's size."

"By how much?" Hazone asked, intrigued. The Raticate didn't answer. He just smiled as he led them through the first part of the tunnel. Zane soon started to hear voiced, lots of them in the distance. The voices grew louder with each passing step, until the group reached an opening that led into an extremely large cavern room, one which extended for miles. Inside, hundreds, if not thousands, of Pokemon were around, preparing, chatting, performing duties. Zane looked in disbelief. It was true. Belas had gathered an army.

"Belas really did outdo himself." Hazone said in awe. The Raticate smiled brightly at them. General Belas, who was discussion something with a subordinate, caught sight of the group, and ran to them, a smile on his face.

"Hazone!" He yelled in joy as he embraced his fellow General.

"It is good to see you, General Belas." Hazone said, returning the hug. Belas looked over the Gold Tribe members.

"You did it. I never doubted you for a minute, noble Gold Tribe." He said, bowing his head in delight and respect. " the Caves of Poseida. MEN!" he shouted, getting their attention. Many of the Pokemon turned to the General. "Today, we welcome to our camp, members of the Gold Tribe, as well as our General Hazone!"

As he said this, the soldiers of the Alpha Alliance erupted in roars of delight and applause. Zane was stunned. Not by the welcoming as much as by the number and tenacity of the soldiers. They could fight back. They had a chance again. But another issue plagued Zane's mind.

"Belas." He said as the roars died down and the Pokemon returned to their duties of preparing for war.

"What of the other Gold Tribe members? How many have arrived?" Zane asked. Belas gave Zane a frown.

"None have come yet, Vigil." Zane stood there without a word. He turned to face the other Gold Tribe members with him. They all knew it in their mind. Most likely, they were the last of the Gold Tribe. General Belas spoke in attempt to cheer them up.

"Fear not! More Pokemon pour in every from all corners of Valkaria. Do not give up hope!" He said. "Come! You must be tired. And hungry." He said as he smiled brightly to Gladius. "My soldiers shall prepare a banquet in your honor. Tonight, we dine!"

Zane tried to shake off the feeling of pain he felt at the reality of the situation, but it lingered in him. Still he had to put on a strong face for the others as everyone began to eat and rest from the long journey. Zane faked smiled as he sat and dug into the food, but the thoughts lingered in the back of his mind. Words came to his head. The words of a harsh reality. With so few of them, it would come to pass.

The war would bring the end of the Gold Tribe.

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