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Name: Yomuksune Hakumza

Nickname (Optional): Yoshi or YoYo

Age (10-15): 15

Gender (Male or Female): Male

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm): Suicune Dorm

Appearance: Yoshi is 5’6 and 160lbs. He has long dark reddish brown hair that he keep in a puffy ponytail. He has electric blue eyes and wears glasses. He wears a headband on his head. He wears a red and black hoodie with a white tee shirt and black baggy jeans with boots. He wears a ruby colored bracelet.

Personality: Yoshi is a very calm but lazy person. He is highly intelligent but hates doing work with a passion. He loves Pokémon and actual would rather catch them all instead of battling. Because of this dream he is a better catcher than battler. He is very good with Pokémon and love being surrounded by them all the time. He is a big flirt and usually gets easily distracted when it comes to a girl. He is a very kind hearted friend and he also very loyal and will do anything for his friends.

History: Yoshi was born in Pallet Town in a home filled with many Pokémon. He grew up with these Pokémon and his father. His father was an excellent Pokémon catcher catching 560 of the Pokémon known to man. His father in return taught Yoshi all of his skills even though he is a mediocre battler. Other than train he usually laid around the house playing with his Pokémon. He won many of awards for his skills in catching Pokémon and training them. At one of these contest he actually caught the attention of Professor Oak who then signed him up for his academy.

Species: Rhyhorn (Male)
Personality: Rhyhorn is just like Yoshi in almost entirely every single way. He is very joyful and loves to play around.
Lvl(Max 20): 18
Moves: Dragon Rush, Curse, Crush Claw, Stomp, Tail Whip, Fury Attack

Species: Metang
Personality: Metang is very mischievous and love to pull playful pranks using his confusion. He is very loyal to Yoshi and gets very emotional when away from him.
Lvl: 20
Moves: Take Down, Zen Headbutt, Confusion, Iron Head, Iron Defense, Magnet Rise

Species: Deino (Male)
Personality: Deino is very quiet and mean. He tries to bite everyone except Yoshi. He is a very good at battling.
Lvl: 15
Moves: Dark Pulse, Bite, Focus Energy, Screech, Double Hit
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