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Ok, Here it goes: Me anf My friend's ideas for the pokemon game we're making. ><;;; Here's hoping I get some good feedback lol

And we Plan to use rpg maker xp for this as well.

Pokemon Nuclear and Atomic Versions


Taking place hundreds of years after black and white. The Pokemon world has changed, drastically. Recovered After a mysterious occurrence of a Nuclear Apocolypse, Pokemon have now gained intelligence and are able to speak. The Human race have become extinct, the trainers now a variety of mutated monsters themselves, also with intelligence both the good and bad kind.

After the road to recovery(which involved wars fought between pokemon and the newly mutated people who USED to be humans.)Partnership between Pokemon and trainers have been restored, but the past of how and why they fought and how they got this way was all but lost and forgotten, after many cycles of life and generations of people and pokemon, they began to think they've always been this way.

You play as one of two Heros(depending on which version you play) arriving in the Canoda reigon.(based on Vancouver, canada area)

Along your pokemon journey, you begin make friends, enemies and discover secrets along the way, specifically, secrets behind the ancient tales of Pokemon and these other ancient creatures called "humans" which the pokemon used to fight along side with, just as most trainers today do. Unknowing to you, the secrets also reveal that the world's past, could also have something to do with an sinister plot, that could spell danger for Pokemon all over the world! Will you be able to show the world the truth, to save the future?

List of Major Characters(trainer):

Bogan (Hero of Pokemon Nuclear version): A young aspiring trainer, ran away from home since his mother forbid him to go out on an adventure. Has a severe allergy to Poison type pokemon, in which contact with one could spell danger to his well being...

Rot (Hero of Pokemon Atomic Version, created by my friend UushiBushii on Deviantart): An experienced trainer returning home, he is also a Rival to Bogan.

Blizzy: A lover of Ice pokemon, and loving/protective older half-sister to Bogan, she is also Bogan's other rival.

CT(short for Cool Trainer, her Nickname, Real name is Rani, Created by my friend Dragonkaira on Deviantart): another experienced trainer from Kanto who is Rot's other rival, Bogan also has a crush on her.

Yolanda: the Psychic/Ghost gym leader, Bogan becomes her apprentice, teaching him some valuable lessons about being a trainer.

Ace Trainer or Ace for short(created by Dragonkaira on deviantart): a veryyy snooty trainer that is full of himself and often complains when he loses a battle. His father is a famous architect and also runs the battle tower of the region. He also claims to be Bogan's Second rival but is nowhere near a good enough challenge to be even considered as such, makes his name quite misleading huh?

Concept art/Pictures:

Can't post for now until I reach a certain amount of posts... ;o;
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