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Quote originally posted by SebbieSawrr:
Im not a huge fan of LC simply because it seems very... pointless. The tiers are sorted by power levels,Ability,Move Pool etc and all those things come into consideration when making tiers. LC is like pretty much just a place to put baby pokemon but I would rather use LC pokemon in NU as opposed to playing LC.
No, tiers are organized by usage and usage alone. Ability, movepool, and all of those other things come into consideration when people decide whether to use it or not, but they have little impact on the tiering itself. You also must remember that LC is a separate entity from the other tiers altogether; it's not like LC follows NU, or that it's just a place for "baby" Pokemon. It has its own unique ruleset and is a tiering system all of its own. That's why Pokemon like Scyther and Murkrow can be banned from LC but not from lower tiers in NU.
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