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Name:Katherine Woalf

Nickname: Kat


Gender: Female

Dorm: Suicune

Appearance: Kat has short, black hair. Her hair is spiked out at the edges and she has Swoop Bangs over her right eye. She has a neon blue tattoo shaped like a Crescent Moon next to her left eye. This moon glows when her Pokemon are in danger and are not near her. She was scared of losing them in the night, so Star formed this mark. She has very pale skin, which sets off her black hair and her blue tattoos. She has one more tattoo on her back. This one is normally invisible unless she is in danger. Then it glows a bright red. Psy made this so she can protect her trainer. She always wears blue, black, or purple shirts/dresses. Her pants are almost always jeans. Normally dark blue ones. She wears black tennis shoes of all kinds, but wears flats when dressed up. She literally owns two dresses as of today. She hates wearing makeup, so she only wears it on special occasions. Even then, it is only some dark lipstick and dark eyeshadow. She is actually a natural bleach blond (Almost white blond. White in the sun) but hated how it looked, and dyes it constantly.

Personality: Kat is just not a very social person. She never hangs out in crowds and acts more cold around people until she warms up to them. After she becomes friends, she starts showing her humorous side. After a while, she starts acting protective to friends younger than herself. Psy has called it her "Motherly Instinct" Kat scoffs and blushes whenever Psy brings it up. Kat prefers to spend time with Pokemon more than people. She loves to explore and find new Pokemon. Star was practically Kat's second sister. So she treats Star like a person and not a Pokemon. They have a special bond, and Kat can understand almost anything Star is trying to say. Most importantly, despite her Emo appearance, she truly cares for her friends, family, and Pokemon. She has a large flaw (To her at least) She cannot stand Bug type Pokemon. They gross her out to no end. She also has a weakness. She hates heights. She cannot stand flying with her sister's flying types. She knows Swanna will not drop her, but is scared anyway.

History: Kat grew up in
Icirrus City with her Mother, Father, and Sister. Her mother's name was Scarlet and her father's name was Chai. Scarlet and Chai always seemed to love Kit more than Kat. Kit is just five minutes older and is just treated better. Until her Cousin Indigo came to town. Indigo was four years younger than the ten year olds, Kit and Kat. Kit was left in charge of Indigo, and left to check out some shop. Indigo was lead away by some old guy. Kat happened to walk by and saw that the old man was leading Indigo into an ally. Kat rushed in and went in front of Indigo, putting her arm in front of his body. "My daddy is the mayor of this place! Leave Icirrus now or get in a lot of trouble mister!!" He just pushed Kat aside and grabbed Indigo's wrist. Indigo screamed and Kat kicked the man in his "Soft Spot". The man crumpled to the ground and Kat dragged Indigo back to their house. When Kat's mother asked what happened, as Indigo was hugging to Kat and still crying. "K-Kat s-s-saved m-me!" Indigo rubbed his face in Kat's torso and Kat's mother looked very proud of her. When Kit strolled home, she was given a large punishment and sent to her room. Since then, Indigo's family thinks of Kat as a hero for saving their only son. When Kit turned twelve, the champion was taking up apprentices and saw how skilled Kit was. He took her and some other kids and gave the family a free scholarship to The Pokemon Trainer Academy. They used it on Kat and so here she is. Before that day, Kat was just playing with Star, and learning how to battle from her dad.

Species: Female Umbreon with white/light golden rings. She has one Neon Blue mark on the side of her left eye. This is shaped like a star surrounded by small crescent moons.
Nickname: Starlight (Star for short)
Personality: Star likes to be treated with authority but will become extremely shy in a battle she knows she will lose. She is Kat's oldest Pokemon.
Lvl(Max 20): 17
Moves: Moonlight, Feint Attack, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Attract, Double Team

Species: Female Kiarla with small, purple swirls all over her "dress"
Nickname: Psy
Personality: Psy acts like an older sister to Kat and is very protective. She can force you at most a mile away with Psycic
Lvl(Max 20): 15
Moves: Psycic, Protect, Magical Leaf, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Energy Ball

Species: Female Snivy with Red, pink, and yellow scar marks all over her body. She's had these since she was hatched.
Nickname: Royal
Personality: Royal acts superior to Pokemon smaller or weaker than her. She always has a Brave face on.
Lvl(Max 20): 14
Moves: Leaf Tornado, Leaf Blade, Leech Seed, Solar Beam, Aerial Ace, Substitute
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