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Originally Posted by Jibrhan View Post
Its been 4 months since 3.6.1.! Is Metapod going to continue with the rom hack?
It ends when you defeat the Fearow and release your Pegiot to be the guardian of the forest.
Is that it? or is there anything else in this update?
Orange Islands in the next Update? plz
Metapod plz respond to us.
Is there going to be more updates?
approximately when?
are you even working on it?
plz let us know
Metapod said he was just taking a bit of a break he released almost back to back pieces of the hack because he felt it was wrong not to get to through the pokemon league at the very least because he knew he was going to take a big break from this not saying he will be back anytime soon or at all just saying he did warn us it may be quite a while before we hear from him again
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