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Quote originally posted by Quickster:
I agree with no built in scripts, but I also dont think you should use templates either. At least none that you have put in. What if you make it so the user can buil there own template and save it, because I know it can get annoying creating dozens of simple message scripts and the likes over and over.
That could work. Thanks for the suggestion.
Quote originally posted by Speedster:
I very much agree with this idea. It would help people learn while making it simpler to those who script a lot to have to rewrite an entire script.
Quote originally posted by droomph:
Well, if I'm not mistaken, in C (Xcode specifically) " is contained in the string as "\"", \ is contained in the string as "\\", and such things like that.
Right. I dunno how I missed that. Wow. :\ Thank you! " will be \" and ["] will be [\"]
Quote originally posted by agentgeo:
Yeah, you just need to do what droomph said for the parsing. Use a \ as an escape character. It would definitely make the syntax for strings simpler and more appealing. Plus, it appears you already have it implemented, so nothing to big, right?
Yeah! :D

Alright. Good progress guise. I'm just doing some syntax changes, and will post my ideas in the next few days.
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