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Quote originally posted by Karpman:
Hate neutral roles lol.

Anyways, in.

Ikh 'al Araige
There will be no neutral roles on Game I.

Quote originally posted by mondays suck:
Ikh 'al Araige looks like a Captcha to me, and - even though that's probably surprising to you - I hate Captchas and consider them an evil invented in a collaboration of Satan, Cthulhu and Cthulhu's mother in-law. But I'd like to join regardless.
It's not a captcha, just a make-up part of the alien language the characters are (supposedly) using. It's the equivalent of "I'll be part of this".

Game I Participants [6/12]

  • Zeffy
  • BinaryPeaches
  • Stand Alone
  • Nazukami
  • Karpman
  • mondays suck
This is my December . . .