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Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted yet. I've been working for a while on a crude map of Valkaria, to give you a little help on locations and environment appearance. It's not great, but hopefully it helps. Cities (destroyed or not) are marked with numbers, while geographical features are marked will letters.


1. Liberty Town
2. Silver City (Formerly Gold City)
3. Cape City
4. Eternity City
5. Albia
6. Shine City
7. Poseida Ruins (Formerly Poseida Village)
8. Gravel City

A. Wastes of Will
B. Sovereign Rainforest
C. Korhal Mountains
D. Liberty Forest
E. Lake of Lull
F. Poseida River
G. Unknown Lands (Beyond Valkaria Territory)
H. Unknown Lands (Approximate location Auron and followers went on trip outside Alpha Alliance)
J. Shine Lake

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