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@PkmnTrainerYellow and @Dragonkat: That's interesting o-o

Maybe if you two wanted to, you could both say that Valorie and Katherine knew each other once, considering how Icirrus City was somewhat a small town in some ways o-o

But then again, all towns in the games look pretty small. Golden Rod actually looks like a pretty big city compared to some of the other towns in the games. So without seeing what Icirrus city looks like in the Anime, I could be wrong lD

Speaking of the anime. . . am I the only one who kinda wants to see Jessie, James, and Meowth try to attack PTA with a bunch of other Rockets? Especially since now in the Black and White anime they /are/ kinda turning back into how awesome they were in the original Season 1 Kanto arc of the anime? o-o

And on a side note. . . Since Giovanni's true identity as both the Leader of Viridian City Gym and Team Rocket IS NEVER EXPOSED IN THE ANIME wouldn't he also be qualified enough to work as a teacher here if he wanted? o-o especially since he beat Gary Oak in a Pokemon Battle?

Maybe I just have too many ideas and too much imagination for my own good lD
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