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Poseida Caverns

The feast was indeed glorious, and Zane tried to enjoy it as much as he could. He filled up on quite a lot during it. It was the most he ate in quite a while, and was quite happy with it. He was sure the others had their fill as well. As the others finished their meals, the tables were cleared, and Pokemon began speaking now, of battles soon to be fought, and plans soon to be made. It wasn't exactly strategy planning as much as it was after dinner speak, something Pokemon of the Alpha Alliance do quite often, although the topics usually concern more brighter details, of course that would be in times of peace. Zane overheard Belas conversing with Penance.

"Belas, have you seen a male Golduck anywhere? He goes by the name of Matthius Malum."

Belas eyed Penance, and then spoke.

"I have not, I'm afraid, Defender. But that doesn't mean he isn't here. I can't be expected to remember the names and faces of all of my troops, after all." He said, with a laugh. He continued. "You can looked for him among the camp, if you wish."

Other conversations erupted around as well. General Belas filled in Hazone on the events of the past few months, as he had not been aware because of captivity. Other people spoke of different matters, but eventually, every conversation trailed to the upcoming war, and Pokemon left the table to make some preparations, including sleep. As everyone departed for the night, General Belas caught up with the Gold Tribe members.

"Noble Gold Tribe members, I invite you to sleep and perform any other preparations you need for the time being. Tomorrow, we go over the war plan, and then we ride to war."

"Where will we be riding, General?" Zane asked, wondering where their campaign would start.

"Eternity City. Like the battles of past had began and concluded there, so shall ours. We will begin our revolution in Eternity."

Belas walked closer to them speaking almost in whisper. "I will not lie. By day's end, I will need you, every one of you, to make this happen. My soldiers are strong, but if we want our homeland back, we need your help. As the great Generals of the past rode side by side with Gold Tribe members in war before, so shall I ask the same of you now."

Zane nodded. The General nodded back, and bowed to them all. He departed, off to bed. Zane looked at the others. He was at a loss for words. He wanted to tell them how much the Alpha Alliance was depending on all of them, or how much it meant to Zane that they were all still here, despite so many other Gold Tribe members being gone, or even how he was glad to have the chance to fight and die by their sides, no words of such came out. He wasn't the one to give those sorts of speeches. But Zane had the feeling, or at least he hoped, that they already all understood that.

"We should go to sleep as well. See you at the war meeting tomorrow morning." Zane said, before leaving them to go to sleep. A cot was prepared for him among the sea of sleeping soldiers. Zane was weary and sleepy. He fell onto the mat, and drifted to sleep, a final thought lingering in his head.

Tomorrow, it all begins.

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