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Krystal ignored Frost for the most part. She responded to important questions, but usually just did not respond. Krystal found herself slowing down a bit to run with Beserker as they went along. He may be a bit stupid and slow, but at least he was better than Frost. They ran in silence for a while, then Krystal dropped back out of hearing range of Frost. Even just being near her made Krystal irritable.

Beserker panted trying to catch his breath as Krystal slowed her pace to allow him to rest a bit. The plains stretched forth in front of them, and a wind blew in their faces, weak but cold. Beserker spoke after a moment, "So why dont you two like each other?"

Krystal sighed and though a moment before answering. "She is too direct, her methods crude. Especially with torture. She insists on inflicting pain upon another pokemon even if she knows that they dont have any information, or wont give it up. Completely wasteful. i have nothing against torture itself, in fact I am fine with the concept and am fine with doing it myself, but I would like to think that my methods are a bit more...elegant. Why just kill them when you can at least try to bend them to your will. You dont even have to read minds to do it, anybody can put a small seed of doubt into someone. Once they doubt what they believe in, it can be easier to influence them into doing what you want. For some reason, Frost seems to enjoy the pain more than the information the prisoner may have locked away in their mind."

Beserker just shook his head, "Seems a bit too complicated for me..."

Krystal just smiled, "Well, torture never has been your strong point, has it? Maybe you should just stick with bashing heads together, although I am sure that you could scare information out of most prisoners with just your size."

The three pokemon came to a small hill, and came down on the other side to see a large expanse of water stretching before them. The three observed for a moment, then Beserker said, "Welcom to the Lake of Lull."

They stood for a moment, the cold breeze off the lake cooling them down. After the run it was nice, but after a bit, a chill started to develope in Krystal. She pushed her internal temperature up a little bit to ward off the chill. It seemed like the lake stretched on forever, but by squinting, Krystal could just make out the opposite bank, a faint fuzzy line on the horizon. They would have to travel around it to reach Eternity. It would be much faster if they had a boat, or could swim, but Beserker would sink like a rock, and Krystal had an obvious aversion to water, so swiming was out of the question. Still, Krystal expected a comment about it from Frost. Before Frost could say anything, Krystal spoke up, "We better move out. We're wasting time."
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