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“Hey there!” the Pokemon said as she got up from the floor. “Sorry about that, I was running off and I didn’t see you there.”

Dialga looked at the young Pokemon with a strange look on his face. He is five times her size from the looks of it. So how she couldn’t see the big blue dragon while coming in fast was a question he had on the top of his head. What was worse that was he was spending time with Palkia, so when this girl crashed into him, she ruined his focus.

“That’s okay!” Palkia assured.

“Anyway, my name is Latias. Tell me your name and we won’t be ‘rangers anymore,” the younger girl said with a big smile.

“Rangers?” Dialga asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“My name is Palkia and this is Dialga,” Palkia said as she pointed to Dialga.

“I’m new to this place and I was lonely. So I wanted to sneak out and make new friends,” Latias said in her normal quiet voice. “Now, you guys and I are no longer rangers!”

“Yeeaah, about that. Rangers?” Dialga asked again.

“Yeah, my brother said don’t talk to rangers,” Latias replied. “Anyway, I have to go home, but I was wondering if you two can come with me. My brother is going to get angry because I left the house without him knowing.”

“Sure but, are you saying that if your brother sees us, then he won’t get mad at you for sneaking out?” Dialga asked.

“Yes! I know your name and you know mine right? Then we know each other,” she said with a smile on her face.

Dialga and Palkia both looked at each other with a confused look. How does only knowing ones name constitutes as knowing a person? It doesn’t mean that you know someone, you just know their name; what they are called. This young girl does not seem to be very smart judging by the things she is saying; however, she does seem like someone who only wants to make new friends.

“Well… where is your house?” Dialga asked eluding her last statement.

Latias then zipped behind the pair and looked around to see if she saw her home. But, as she looked left and right, she couldn’t tell from all the buildings in the city, where her house was located. “To tell you the truth, I don’t know,” she sighed.

“You mean, you DON’T know where you live?” Dialga asked with a concerned tone.

“I don’t know how to get there. I snuck out the window and flew away as fast as I could. But now, I don’t know where my house is because I went too far,” she explained.

With that, the two dragons take another look at each other with that same confused expression from before. They really have no idea what to make of this. How is this girl going to find her way home is she doesn’t know where her house is? After all, they just met her, so they are not going to know where she lived either.

“We’ll figure it out,” Palkia assured.

However, just as Dialga was about to ask something, he quickly looked at the icy water from the corner of his eye. He could almost swear that he saw an invisible object in the shape of a jet, fly over the water with great speed and toward him.

“I guess I’m seeing things,” Dialga said to himself.

When he turned his whole body toward the water, he saw that same shape again, flying above the water. It’s speed so great that it created waves in the water. He knows now that he isn’t seeing things. However, an invisible plane may be hard to explain.

“Do you guys see that plane?” he asked the girls.

Palkia turned toward the water and looked very hard at the place where Dialga said the plane was at. However the object disappeared just when she turned to look for it.

“I don’t see anything Dial…”

Before she could finish her sentence; “Look!” Dialga yelled as he directed the others toward the water.

Everyone then looks up and sees a huge wave coming toward the shore. One that was big enough to hit the three dragons in a two foot radius. They all helplessly watched as the wave was heading towards where they were standing. Latias starts to scream an irritating shrill sound as Palkia went and tightly put her arms around Dialga’s neck to protect him while anticipating the wave crashing the shore.

However, to their surprise, the wave never made it to where the kids were standing, but rather to the beginning of the shore. Upon seeing this, they all breathed a sigh of relief. But, the ordeal was not over. Dialga then sees the plane, yet again. This time, however, it came and attempted to take a straight shot at him. He got down on the ground quickly at the plane raced right above him, narrowly missing its mark. Palkia turned around and saw just what he was talking about. That plane.

As it made a loop around to prepare to hit the blue dragon once again, the brave pink dragon got in front of her loved one and spread her arms out, barricading the plane from hitting him. After doing this, the plane halted to a complete stop just two feet from Dialga and Palkia. Even though she was standing with her arms spread out, Palkia herself was anticipating what would happen next.

The object began to show its true identity by appearing to turn off its invisibility. When it finally revealed itself, it was not really a plane after all, but a Pokemon. A Pokemon that looked identical to Latias. Except that this Pokemon was blue and bigger. It also had red eyes and bigger wings that were shaped like the ones you’d see on a jet, thus explaining why Dialga thought it was an actual plane.

Palkia stared at this Pokemon, studying him. She believed him to be male, but was unsure since blue doesn’t always seem to equal male. The Pokemon crossed his arms as he glared at the scared Latias. When she looked at him, she was shaking as if she was chilly and she was whimpering as if she was a puppy. She was in trouble with this guy. Not only that, this guy seems to be very angry with her. Even though he was focused on Latias for the moment, he really wanted to confront Dialga.

During this time, Dialga got up from the ground to witness exactly what Palkia was seeing. When he looked at the Pokemon, there was something that stuck out about him. He looked almost like Latias and when he looked closely, there was one detail that the pair had missed earlier about Latias; she had a blue triangle on her chest. Strange enough, the Pokemon had a red triangle on him. Well, she did say that she had a brother. Could this Pokemon be her brother?

Nonetheless, this Pokemon stared at the gang for some time. His left hand was clenching into a tight fist as he glared at them still. Dialga and Palkia both looked at him with worried faces, thus Palkia still standing in front of her other half with her arms stretched to her sides in case the Pokemon tries to attack him.

“I will deal with you later,” the Pokemon said to Latias. “You! Get out of my way,” he then said to Palkia.

Upon hearing that, she was afraid for Dialga. He clearly wanted to get him for whatever reason and she felt that she had to stay by him. So she just stood there, with her arms out to her side, barricading the Pokemon from Dialga.

“No! You’re only going to hurt him!” she yelled.

“Fine, we’ll do this the hard way,” the Pokemon said in an angry tone.

He went over to Palkia and shoved her towards the right. The impact was great enough that Palkia rolled over twice whiten the five feet she was pushed from. Dialga stood there as he watched her try to shake off the sand from herself. Then, he turned back to the angry blue Pokemon floating right in front of him as he himself got angry with him.

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