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Originally Posted by Mr.Pkmn View Post
Fortunately it's not necessary.

Some time ago i found the reason of the screen blinking while entering in a building or when you're selecting moves in battle. I don't know why, but the game stores a copy of the palette memory in WRAM and reloads it in these situations, causing a blink effect because the original palette is loaded for one frame. Replacing 0x70682 with 00 00 00 00 fixes the problem, but i haven't tested enough to say that it doesn't cause other glitches.
This doesn't fix the warp-arrow glitch though.
Okay thanks! After a while, I fixed it, thanks to you! Lubs this very much, prime-dialga you are a wonderful person to make this and Mr.Pkmn you are wonderful to find all the sloluppons *squee*


Emerald: Replace 0xA1BCE instead.
LeafGreen: Replace 0x70682 instead.
Ruby: Replace 0x73CEE instead.
Sapphire: Replace 0x73CF2 instead.

(Basically you are replacing a long-branch-with-link (four bytes) instruction with nothing twice, so it skips over the part where it reloads the OW pallet again. It shouldn't cause any glitches.)
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